It was a meme come true. Our largest sculpture to date explores the polarising reaction the Hollywood actor attains online.

His freakish facial expression is a reference to ‘You don’t say?’ meme from the 1988 movie Vampire’s Kiss. The ridiculousness of the internet is brought to life as participants come face to face with a giant effigy of Nicolas Cage inside a bouncy striped cage.

Jump him, punch him, hug him, kiss him, love him or hate him, no one will ever break Nicolas Cage. Undeniably it’s an artwork that reflects the internet and the internet’s effect on pop culture.
Nicolas Cage in a cage
Inflatable sculpture
9 x 7 x 7 m

"Cool Shit is the Internet in real life" - The Guardian

"Why the bejesus has no one done this before!" - It's Nice That